Join Elson Haas MD

for a free interactive online class

July 22nd 10 AM Pacific Time (PDT)

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who wants to attain or maintain good health
  • Anyone with a lack of energy and desire for more
  • Anyone who is interested in positive health changes


What Will You Get?

  • Five Steps to Recharge Your Life
  • Insights into the causes of low energy and fatigue
  • Knowledge about the Stimulation-Sedation Syndrome
  • A method for restoring health and vitality


This one-hour online free class provides

personalized interaction and support

to help you gain more energy, vitality,

and better health.

An early pioneer of integrative medicine, Dr. Haas is the author of 11 books on nutrition, health and detox, including The Detox Diet. His latest book, Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine, promotes the idea of using the best practices from Natural, Eastern, and Western Medicine (N.E.W.) for optimal health.

July 22nd 10 AM Pacific Time